LK Glass & Aluminium provides high performance range of products designed to meet all client requirements as well as the ever-increasing thermal performance requirements both now and in the future.

Dual frame is an integrated aluminium door and window suite with ultra slim lines and beautiful styling, making it the perfect choice for use in both residential and commercial applications.

Elegant good looks are guaranteed with our vast choice of finishes and colours. Different colours can even be selected internally and externally for a perfect finish to any project.

Options Available:
Multipoint-locking and stainless steel hinges are standard. Other options include, curtain walling outer frame, chamfered profiles and wraparound glazing

The Mona frame System allows specifies to choose from a wide range of Casement windows, Sliding windows and Reversible windows. LK Glass & Aluminium can manufacture your Monodrama to any specifications. Resulting in a quality finish with high levels of in-built security and optional extras as required.

The system's capabilities and range of options, including those providing structural performance, are particularly comprehensive and can accommodate most layout requirements. The system also provides complete insulation

The Mona frame Vertically Sliding Window provides excellent insulation performance. It is also fully weather-stripped and all component profiles incorporate thermal barriers.

It has also been designed so that each sash can be released to tilt inwards for glass-cleaning and so that each sash can be removed for glass-replacement if necessary.

Sliding sashes incorporate hardware which ensures balanced operation while in use, with an optional, manually overridden, travel restrictor. Safety catches also prevent inadvertent tilting or sash removal.

The Mona frame Top Swing Reversible Window can be fully reversed for cleaning and can also provide an emergency escape through the window opening.
Heavy-duty, top-hung projection window hinges are an additional option and fixed lights can be incorporated.

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